Our Wave of doing things

Everything we do is underpinned by our three foundational principles.

Engaging creative content 

If people are switching off when they learn then the truth is, the learning is boring. 

We pride ourselves on designing pathways that are visually and emotionally engaging. We want people to stay with us. We tell stories, create and curate visual assets that grab people’s attention. 

Once we have their attention then amazing things can happen.

Interactive smart technology 

Anyone can get their hands on the latest tech. LMS’s, LXP’s, virtual this virtual that. Smart technology is everywhere, we love it and we utilise it to its fullest capacity.

We use our tech to deliver micro learning bitesize content, utilise gamification and in app coaching to individualise and embed the learning. We measure where people are in terms of their capability and knowledge retention, and help guide their development in a more targeted way.

The human touch

The most valuable asset when it comes to a New Wave Learning programme is people.

Our subject matter experts that guide learners through a development experience and the learners themselves. Whether it is a virtual kick off, coaching session, peer action learning set, one to one or face to face interaction.

Our belief is that without the human touch, learning simply does not work.

In order for people to take ownership of their development and see tangible results back in the workplace, we need to find the perfect balance of trust and accountability. Only through human beings can we do this!

The combination of technology, creative design and human interaction leads to greater emotional investment and learning that sticks, giving people the confidence to practically apply their skills in a clear and measurable way back in their working environment.

Measuring ROI

At New Wave we are passionate about the impact that our learning can have. Not only on the people that experience our programmes, but what our work truly means to the organisations that work with us. 

In order to align learning outcomes, business objectives, behavioural evidence together with people and organisational output, we measure these 3 areas:

Stakeholder & Business Impact Surveys

We consultatively design a set of tangible measures aligning business specific goals with expected outputs from a learning initiative. Measuring before, during and at specific times afterwards provides us with the impact data and ROI measures to prove the value of our programmes.     

Individual Impact Surveys

Self efficacy beliefs measurement is qualifying how confident and capable a person feels before and after a learning intervention. Research shows that when there is an upward shift in people’s confidence in their capability to perform skills, then they are much more likely to use these skills. 

Observer Impact Surveys

We want to understand what impact our learning solutions have on our learners, from a behavioural perspective. Therefore designing short observer surveys that explore behaviour changes from the point of view of peers and line managers is key to uncover the performance of any programme. Pre and post measures provide us with data that too can be aligned with business objective measures that highlight the value of the learning delivery.

Transforming people to build a better world, a better future.

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