Wildgoose Events

"Credible, engaging, and people and learning focussed" Find out what else Peter Barker, Operations Director from Wildgoose Events had to say about his global teams experience on our wellbeing and stress management programme, EnergiseMe.

The Challenges

The team has undergone a huge amount of change throughout the pandemic, moving from having an office based team to a remote working one. Over the course of the year we had also recruited new team members that none of the team had met face to face due to restrictions and global lockdowns. We needed a programme that would support the team in this new world of work, designed to re-energise, re-connect, build resilience whilst staying engaged and understanding the importance of a good work life balance too.

The Solution

The team at New Wave were quick to get the ball rolling and start the consultation process to truly 'get beneath the skin' of our company culture and understand our needs. The result of which was the roll out of the EnergiseMe programme, exactly what our team members, existing and new joiners needed.

As a team we embarked on the wellbeing and stress management programme journey with New Wave, over a 2 week period. The programme schedule was bitesized and easy to follow, and having the mixture of live facilitated sessions and app based exercises kept the team engaged wherever they were in the world.

We were introduced to many eyeopening elements throughout the programme, but one of the highlights was the 'five ways to wellbeing', having the guidance to apply practical steps to everyday life and improving wellbeing instantaneously was very impactful for all.

Not only did we find a provider with great solutions, the whole team were quick to understand our needs and provide a completely customer-focused approach to our requirements.

The Results

The team definitely feels more focussed and energised. As a company there have been wider benefits too in that the team have recognised and valued that we are committed to investing in them and their own personal wellbeing and skills development.

The illustrations throughout the app journey to reinforce the learning were really good and brought the content to life to really ensure that the learning was engaging and memorable.

New Waves approach to learning was refreshing and integrating the use of the technology to ensure that the training was accessible for a busy team was game-changing.

I have used many providers in the past to deliver learning and from the outset the team at New Wave were credible, solution-focused and helped bring the learning to life for the whole team. The balance of face to face intervention and guided learning strikes the balance well for a busy team.

New Wave Learning exceeded our expectations, I would highly recommend them as a learning provider and look forward to embarking on another programme in the future.