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Building a better and more inclusive future

The world is changing at a rapid pace and the old "rules" that we so often work by may no longer be helpful. With advances in technology and travel, our audiences have never been bigger and our reach has never had so much potential. How do we help our people adapt to these changes and how do we develop to cater for new cultures and audiences? How do we ensure our people work effectively together and feel safe and valued in their working environment?

IncludeMe is an interactive learning journey that takes people through the four stages of learning and enables people to understand what diversity really means and what it takes to build an inclusive atmosphere. They'll gain an in depth knowledge of the key characteristics required and a real sense of purpose behind why it's so important to live by them.

Through a unique blend of our six New Wave elements, participants will engage in bite-sized content such as videos, interactive slides and challenges to gain the knowledge and understanding to become a more inclusive human and an inspiring colleague. We host webinars to allow the learners at key stages in the learning journey to discuss the topics covered further and to share personal insights. We'll also facilitate a deep dive face to face workshop to really drill down on the knowledge and the skills and how they can be practically applied and reinforced.  

We’d love to demonstrate how we would create a bespoke learning solution for you that will guide your people through the 4 stages of learning. 

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Incorporating all six elements of the New Wave Learning approach, the IncludeMe journey will last four stages and includes…

  • Introductory & welcome facilitated session
  • What does diversity mean to you?
  • The personal benefits
  • The protected characteristics & beyond

  • Understanding modern business trends
  • An intro to each of the 6 signature traits of inclusivity
  • Interactivity and gamification
  • Check in facilitated session

  • Real life scenario videos assessed
  • Application of the 6 signature traits
  • Responses and reflections shared

  • Continual reinforcement through activity and gamification
  • Action planning
  • Finale facilitated session & deep dive skills practice


Everyone that embarks on the IncludeMe learning journey will understand that not only is inclusivity and diversity the right thing to do but also the smart thing to do for their business. They’ll gain a true understanding of what it means for them and how they can grow themselves for a more diverse future.

The learners will have a strong understanding of the key characteristics needed to be inclusive and what those characteristics look like for them in their day to day lives.