Bespoke learning solutions for managers & leadership

We worked with management and leadership teams from within the Pharmaceutical sector to roll out bespoke learning solutions. Find out how they overcame their challenges and the impact the learning has had on those in senior positions.

The Challenges

We are a young, fast growth organisation. We needed a portfolio of soft skill programmes that catered for the challenges that come from working in a fast paced, highly intensive environment. Our main objective was to get our people communicating more effectively and working more efficiently. Another was to provide our managers and leaders with the fundamental skills to inspire and motivate action in their people. Finding a supplier who could work flexibly with us was crucial, as the need has been ever changing over the 3 years we have worked with New Wave. It was important to find a supplier that took a unique approach to delivering learning, was able to work with our existing platforms and could create impactful experiences without taking people away from the business for too long.

All programmes have a feedback score of at least 95% so we can confidently say that they are being well received by our people.

The Solution

In collaboration with New Wave we created a number of bespoke solutions alongside some 'off the shelf' products. For the whole population of the company we offered:

- A masterclass on Project Management
- A masterclass on Time management
- A blended learning experience on the art of the Storytelling

We then worked closely with the team at New Wave to create two blended experiences, one for Managers and one for Leaders. Each programme included 3 modules and were delivered over a 3 week period with 4 live facilitated sessions paired with digital content and challenges using the New Wave app. The topics covered were:


- Leading people through change
- Flexible leadership
- Shaping your leadership point of view


- Delivering feedback
- Your management style
- Engaging the team

The Impact

We now have an offering that people can sign up to to fill their skill gaps, providing our people with instant development has really made them feel valued by the organisation which is a wonderful result for us. A positive that has become evident across the business is that people’s communication and collaboration has improved, rather than the silos that were operated in before. This change in operations will have a noticeable effect on productivity and overall company performance.