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Empowering individuals with the essential skills to help manage stress and boost performance.

This interactive programme will help participants understand what exactly is meant by ‘stress’ and how to manage it by making small changes in everyday life and work. We'll explore the difference between positive stress (eustress) and negative stress (distress) by looking at the human performance curve and the different energy zones that we can find ourselves in. 

We'll help your people understand the 5 ways to wellbeing and deep dive into each one; what they mean and how they can be practically applied in their everyday lives to increase resilience and boost motivation.

We’d love to demonstrate how we would create a bespoke learning solution for you that will guide your people through the 4 stages of learning. 

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  • Introductory measurement quiz
  • Welcome videos and context setting
  • Introduction to the Human Performance Curve
  • Understanding our own limits

  • Facilitated session on the Human Performance Curve
  • Introduction to the 5 ways to wellbeing
  • A daily deep dive in to a way to wellbeing
  • A daily introduction to a wellness tool

  • Measurement exercises
  • A daily revisit and reinforcement exercises to each of the ways to wellbeing

  • Action planning for each of the 5 ways
  • Facilitated finale session to reinforce all key learning and set out/contract action plans


- Understanding the difference between positive stress (eustress) and negative stress (distress) and how this impacts personal performance

- Recognising signs and symptoms of healthy vs. unhealthy levels of stress

- Using new approaches and tools to manage personal stress levels

- Knowing where to turn for extra support and help when needed

- Understand how stress management benefits both your organisation and the wider economy

- Plan how to apply the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’

- Take everyday actions that will help decrease personal stress levels and reduce risk of stress related absence