Practical advice and tools designed to encourage a healthy and productive workplace.


At times life is like being on a rollercoaster, we have ups, we have downs and the occasional loop-the-loop. Enabling people to accept this current reality and give them the tools to manage their reactions to it is key.

Depending on the volume, stress can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Our interactive and blended programme EnergiseMe helps people recognise this and understand what exactly is meant by ‘stress’, enabling individuals to put practical steps in place and apply small changes to everyday life and at work for improved personal wellbeing.

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Who is this for?

Anyone looking to understand and manage stress, and improve their overall wellbeing, both professionally and personally.



3  hours of facilitation 

4 hours of app learning

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Recommended Delivery

Over 2 weeks

How is this delivered

Online with face-to-face options available for facilitated sessions.

More details coming soon. Contact us to find out more. 

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A Different World..

The world is changing at a rapid pace and the old "rules" that we so often work by may no longer be helpful. With advances in technology and travel, our audiences have never been bigger and our reach has never had so much potential. How do we help our people adapt to these changes and how do we develop to cater for new cultures and audiences? How do we ensure our people work effectively together and feel safe and valued in their working environment?

The Journey

Hover over each stage within the journey for more details.

Welcome to EnergiseMe
Identifying bad stress 
The 5 ways of wellbeing
Imbedding & committing

4 steps of micro learning that sets the scene into how we as humans find ourselves reacting to the challenges that life throws at us. Participants absorb and understand how we are moving through the human performance curve and how developing a great awareness of it can have immediate benefits on how to manage stress. 


In the first of 3 high impact facilitated sessions participants gain greater insight into the impact of bad stress/distress and explore the behaviours and actions of all 5 zones of the human performance curve. Paying specific attention to the triggers that influence unhelpful reactions to bad stress, the session highlights what interventions need to happen in order for people to renew their energy so they can experience peak performance more of the time. After this session participants dive into daily 15 minutes of engaging micro learning content that helps solidify the benefits of adopting each of the 5 ways of wellbeing.


We start with a facilitated learning check in. In this session participants get creative and come up with different ways to embed the 5 ways of wellbeing. They use their new found thinking to apply and reinforce behaviours in order to make them more habitual. They express the ways in which they will commit to the 5 ways to wellbeing through the app and their coach feeds back to check willingness and follow through.


The programme comes to an end and the cohort gets to reflect on what has come before and how as a result of the programme they plan to manage stress as individuals and teams. They leave the programme with a clear action plan of what to do when they find themselves in the Drone, Survival or Burnout Zones, remembering that prevention is always better than cure.


The Impact

Dial back into ‘human to human’ behaviours and understand the importance of regular check-ins
Learn to navigate synchronicity between business and individual needs for improved performance
Increase engagement and reduce absenteeism
Heightened accountability and owning ways in which people react to events
Practical tool kit to implement to avoid burnout
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