Enabling leaders to inspire & motivate during times of change & uncertainty

A large national insurance firm experienced our storytelling programme, InspireMe. Find out all about how they overcame their challenges and great results.

The Challenges

As the organisation is moving away from traditional ways of working and into more agile ways, a senior leadership population of 100 expressed a desire to learn the art of storytelling as a way of engaging their teams in making change happen. Originally our stakeholders wanted a face to face experience, but as the COVID-19 lockdown started to take hold we were nimble and agile to use our approach to deliver a progressive, immersive experience that enabled people with the skills to influence the hearts and minds of others.

The Solution

We designed a progressive microlearning journey that consisted of 27 steps over two and half weeks. At first participants understood the magical science of storytelling, before embarking on a journey that drew out unique and individual stories that were written, refined and rehearsed. After two deep dive skills practice sessions participants learned vital tools in stagecraft to deliver their stories confidently. By the end of the learning journey, all participants were armed with an engaging, purposeful and intriguing narrative that follows our story star structure. Combining this structure with the coaching through the app and in the live virtual sessions meant that this population of senior leaders could have maximum impact on the audiences within the business.

We’re not great at storytelling as a senior leader population, and I think this is the antidote to that

The Results

  • 100 senior leaders completed the InspireMe journey
  • 100% of learners evidenced key learnings from the programme by retaining and applying the 'Story Star Structure' back in the workplace
  • 100% of learners agreed they were now better suited to help the business with change going forward
  • 100% of learners made commitments to the business on where they would apply their key learnings moving forward:

"I’m definitely going to use the story star as a way to structure my storytelling in the future”

“I’m going to start having confidence in my conviction and ditch the script”

“I am going to tell my story at an upcoming event. I am going to use storytelling to convey messages and connect with my audience more effectively”