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Working during Covid 19: How we are feeling...

November 25, 2020
Andy Yates

There is nothing permanent except change. However, it feels like we are facing unprecedented upheaval every day at the moment.

Never has recent change had a bigger toll than in the world of work. Employees across the globe have seen their workplace, their roles, their interaction with their teams turn on their axes. And the problem is colleagues can all react differently. New ways of working can bring new needs, anxieties and responsibilities.    

So change may be a constant – but constant change is breeding uncertainty and worry across organisations big and small alike.

New Wave Learning recently conducted an extensive survey to take the temperature of the UK workforce in the wake of Covid-19 upheaval.

We found that almost two in five employees are anxious about the future of their jobs. In addition to this half of people surveyed are feeling stressed at work.

This cry for help from employees shouldn’t be ignored and with the new government restrictions prolonging this period of uncertainty, mental health issues will continue to be on the rise. Colleagues need urgent support, not just to help manage rapid change across their own teams, but to adapt to this change themselves. So many valued colleagues need the tools and training to thrive, rather than dive, as the world of work transforms around them.  

One thing hasn't changed. People remain a company’s most important resource. If you are building a new strategy around them, you need to build their confidence and ability to change for the better - together.

New Wave Learning's mission is to do all we can to help as many valued colleagues as we can get through these anxious times. That is why we have launched our new EnergiseMe programme, because prevention is better than cure.

The programme equips learners with the tools to manage stress, build resilience and boost performance. Prices start at just £65 per person for a 2 week digital journey - so that everybody, anywhere, whatever their role can feel energised again.

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Working during Covid 19: How we are feeling...

There is nothing permanent except change. However, it feels like we are facing unprecedented upheaval every day at the moment.

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