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Build a bespoke learning journey that resonates with you and your organisation

BuildMe is our bespoke design process that allows you and your people to experience the four stages of learning in exciting, engaging and purposeful ways. 

When we immerse people in unique and compelling stories we can win over their hearts and minds. When we hold them accountable for their actions, something remarkable happens. When we take them on an individual journey we prove they have confidence, know how and ability to practically apply these skills and behaviours and adapt to our ever changing world.

We’d love to demonstrate how we would create a bespoke learning solution for you that will guide your people through the 4 stages of learning. 

We’d love to demonstrate the power and flexibility of our learning programmes. The best way to understand what it can do for you is to request a demo.

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Incorporating all six elements of the New Wave Learning approach, the MoveMe journey will last four weeks and includes…
  • Onboarding Webinar
  • Why is it important?
  • How to Present virtually
  • Understand your baseline ability
  • Watch yourself
  • Get valuable feedback
  • Start the learning journey
  • Speaking with purpose
  • Creating compelling content
  • Chance to apply your new found skills in Group Coaching webinar
  • How and what to prepare
  • Handling nerves, how to present your best self
  • Master your influencing skills
  • Targeted feedback 121 coaching
Finding your impact:
  • Performing under pressure
  • A deep dive skills face-to-face practise.
  • Showcase your new found skills
  • Video commitment
  • Future reinforcement (optional)


Incorporating all six elements of the New Wave Learning approach, the CoachMe journey will last three stages and includes…
  • Understanding the value of the coach approach
  • Learn the fundamental two principles of coaching
  • Practice the core skills of coaching
  • The GROW model explained
  • Practicing the GROW model
  • Learning to push and pull
  • The challenge - listening
  • Motivating others
  • Using Metaphor
STAGE 3 & 4
  • Deep dive face to face skills practice
  • The coaching Quiz
  • Real play and role play opportunities
  • Reinforcement challenges and tasks (optional)
  • Measurement exercises


Incorporating all six elements of the New Wave Learning approach, the IncludeMe journey will last four stages and includes…
  • The personal benefits
  • The protected characteristics & beyond
  • Who do we exclude? Who excludes us?
  • Understanding modern business trends
  • An intro to each of the 6 signature traits of inclusivity
  • Interactivity and gamification
  • Check in webinar
STAGE 3 & 4
  • Real life scenario videos assessed
  • Responses and reflections shared
  • Continual reinforcement through activity and gamification
  • Action planning


Incorporating all six elements of the New Wave Learning approach, the InspireMe journey will last four stages and includes…
Kick start:
  • Programme kick off and webinar
  • The power of storytelling
  • Storytime - Example story
  • What was the purpose?
  • Story star structure
Core Skills:
  • Creating Intrigue
  • The 5 stages of the story star structure
  • Creating your story
  • Reinforcement challenges and tasks checking story star understanding
  • Practicing your story
STAGE 3 & 4
Reinforcement and application:
  • Getting feedback on your stagecraft
  • Stagecraft techniques
  • The dress rehearsal
  • Directors notes
  • Ongoing reinforcement game and measurement quiz
We delight in immersing ourselves in the culture of your organisation. We do this to understand the kind of learning pathway that will provide the biggest impact for your people. We might interview, survey, shadow or simply act as a sounding board to discover how we can design a journey that has the maximum learning impact with minimum business disruption. 
Inspired by game mechanics, experiential and action learning our design will centre around an objective-led narrative and active engagement. With the four stages of learning always at the front mind we exploit well known story structure to identify where our new Wave elements should be integrated on any learning pathway. This combination enables us to build the most impactful experience for any L&D requirement.  
Our delivery mechanisms will be driven by expert facilitation, creative design, micro-learning and human accountability touch points. We will weave in all the New Wave elements to create the most impactful pathways that have the perfect mix of smart technology, creative design and human interaction. 


We design programmes that guide participants through a blended and progressive learning journey. This ensures they truly adopt and apply future fit skills that matter to you and your organisation.