Understand why we do the things we do and pave the way for behavioural change.


We want to help people understand how they show up to others. People who understand that their communication and behaviour may not always be received as they intended. We want to help people gain empathy and understand that there can, and will be a lot going on with others behind the scenes. We want to give people an understanding of why they, and others, do the things that they do.

To achieve this we don’t use personality profiles or deliver definitive statements about who people are. Instead we utilise Heartstyles, a behaviour indicator and tool, to show them the steps they can take to become who they want to be.

A three week learning journey that gives participants a full 360 report based on 16 key behaviours. Backed up with group facilitation and one to one coaching to support them through the journey and to help plan any changes they need to make as a result.

More details coming soon. Contact us to find out more. 

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Who is this for?

Organisations who want to help their people grow and create a common language for behaviour.



4 hours of facilitation

4 hours of app learning

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Recommended Delivery

Over 3 weeks

How is this delivered

Online with face-to-face options available for facilitated sessions.

More details coming soon. Contact us to find out more. 

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A Different World..

The world is changing at a rapid pace and the old "rules" that we so often work by may no longer be helpful. With advances in technology and travel, our audiences have never been bigger and our reach has never had so much potential. How do we help our people adapt to these changes and how do we develop to cater for new cultures and audiences? How do we ensure our people work effectively together and feel safe and valued in their working environment?

The Journey

Hover over each stage within the journey for more details.

Welcome to Heartstyles
Why we do what we do
The results are in
Planning for the future

This programme starts with participants completing a Heartstyles indicator questionnaire about themselves. They then choose six colleagues (a mix of peers, subordinates and managers) to complete an indicator report about them.


A facilitated group session is held to introduce Heartstyles, the purpose of the programme and to share key insights into effective and ineffective behaviours. 


App content picks up exactly where the facilitated session ends for a seamless journey of video, quizzes and coaching sessions that provide participants with an understanding of why they do the things they do as well as some of the neuroscience behind Heartstyles.


Participants are now ready for their indicator results. We deliver these during a group facilitated session where we explore first impressions, host some peer to peer coaching and answer any immediate burning questions. We give participants time and space with their reports, to fully digest them. Some short self and peer to peer coaching activities are provided through the app to help their thinking.


We close the programme with individual one to one coaching sessions to really go deep with the reports and to help participants make an action plan for the future.

The Impact

Turn behaviours that define your business into something you can measure, manage and optimise
Teams, departments and organisations can build personal and data driven Development Guides, outlining the steps needed to become their best selves
Guided application of behavioural change for seamless improved performance
Understand how you and others can be more effective at work and at home
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