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Inspire action through storytelling. Engage, connect and motivate your listeners.

InspireMe is an interactive experience that enables people to learn essential skills to unlock the power of storytelling for individuals and businesses.  It provides storytellers with step by step story star structure, and a bank of compelling narratives, giving participants the chance to build out a well structured story that will have the impact they desire and can be used to influence hearts and minds.

Utilising the feedback functionality of our app enables us to virtually coach leaders in useful upskilling. With method taken from essential stagecraft techniques - we'll ensure your messages land with impact.

As with all New Wave programmes we provide a deep dive skills practice element that ensures practical application to deliver confident stories that influence thinking, feelings and actions, with guaranteed engagement.

Are you ready to unlock the latent power of story?

We’d love to demonstrate how we would create a bespoke learning solution for you that will guide your people through the 4 stages of learning. 

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Incorporating all six elements of the New Wave Learning approach, the InspireMe journey will last four stages and includes…


Kick start:

  • Programme kick off and webinar
  • The power of storytelling
  • Storytime - Example story
  • What was the purpose?
  • Story star structure


Core Skills:

  • Creating Intrigue
  • The 5 stages of the story star structure
  • Creating your story
  • Reinforcement challenges and tasks checking story star understanding
  • Practicing your story



  • Getting feedback on your stagecraft
  • Stagecraft techniques
  • The dress rehearsal



  • Directors notes
  • Ongoing reinforcement games and measurement quiz


Everyone that embarks on the InspireMe learning journey will be able to create and deliver engaging stories that will influence the hearts and minds of those around them. 

Whether that be a one to one, team or board meeting, sharing a strategy or leading people through change. Participants will come away with the know-how and capability to structure a story using our story star structure and be given expert guidance and feedback to ensure they have the impact they desire.